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Cuban Scientists Study Atmospheric Pollutants
The announcement was made during the closing ceremony of the CONTAT 2008 Workshop on Atmospheric Pollution, a three-day event carried out at the headquarters of Cuba's Meteorological Society as part of activities held to mark World Environment Day.

Osvaldo Cuesta, director of the Center for Atmospheric Contamination and Chemistry of the Meteorology Institute (CECONT), said the project is aimed at identifying the main sources of pollution in each province and municipality including calculating the volume of harmful compound substances these sources emit.

Promoted by CITMA's Center for Environmental Management, Information and Education and CECONT, the research work includes the installation of new stations to monitor air quality, and coming up with mitigation measures for the most affected areas.

Conceived as part of the national environmental strategy for the period 2007-2010, the results of the investigation are expected to contribute to advancing the goal of obtaining a model of sustainable development.

Previously a national inventory was taken for greenhouse gases and emissions of dioxins and furans.


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