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Venezuela-Cuba Underwater Cable of  963 miles for international telecommunications.
The daily states on its central page that the integrating project will multiply by three thousand the Cuban communication capacity for its links abroad.

The line will join the Venezuelan region of Camuri with the south-eastern Cuban beach of Siboney , some 963 miles of optical fiber.

According to engineer Wilfredo Morales, director of the Gran Caribe Telecommunications joint company, this project will end Cuban dependence on expensive satellite services, increased with the US economic blockade.

Morales noted that the selection of supplier will conclude in August, and the laying of cables by late 2009 or early 2010.

The connection, with total capacity of 640 Gb and top-technology worldwide, will border the Antilles arch and the Battle Trench, 1,400 meters deep.

This project will raise capacity of data transmission, voice and video, and could benefit countries like Nicaragua and Haiti in the future, the publication noted.

The Washington blockade of Cuba imposed 50 years ago has impeded other companies from connecting lines to the island, like that of Miami-Cancun, which passes only 1.2 miles from Havana.


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