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More Cuban Professors Granted Scientific Degree
Jorge Luis Tapia Fonseca, First Secretary of the Party in Ciego de Ávila province presents one of the graduates with the title.

Of the total amount of active professors all over the Cuban archipelago, 107 000 graduates have taken courses of the program since October 2005 until the current school year. Over 1 350 have already been granted the Master degree.

These figures were provided in Ciego de Ávila by  Cira Piñeiro Alonso, adviser to the Ministry of Education, who in company with other vice-ministers presided over the graduation ceremony of  133 professionals who were granted their scientific degree, validated by the   Manuel Ascunce Domenech Pedagogical University.

Dr. Omar Abreu Valdivia, Rector of this institution, deemed this event to be commitment to multiply knowledge and its scientific application in the centers where the masters will be working.

The master programs continues in Ciego de Ávila province, where there are 5 623 students registered, among them 133 next to graduate.


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