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President of Cuba, Raúl Castro, Gave his Regards to the Mexican Counterpart.
Carlos Lage, vice-president of the Council of State of Cuba welcomed Patricia Espinosa in Havana and transmitted Raúl's message to Calderón.

The Cuban high official reiterated the will and disposition of the Caribbean Government of strengthening and boosting the bilateral relationships.

A wire from the Cuban News Agency points out that in the official conversations between the Mexican Minister and her homologous, Felipe Pérez Roque, both expressed their conviction that the bilateral bonds are normalized among the two countries, and as proof they subscribed the final document with the results of the 3rd Meeting of the Permanent Mechanism of Information and Political Consultations.

In a combined official statement both officials expressed that the two countries march on a constructive road what will strengthen the exchanges, in political, social, economic, commercial, financial, educational, scientific, migratory and health fields.

They also ratified their rejection to the imposition of unilateral coercive measures, in particular, to the blockade imposed to Cuba by the government of the United States.

Pérez Roque announced that he had accepted the proposition of traveling to Mexico next September and that, in that occasion, he will carry an official invitation by the Head of State of Cuba, so that his Mexican homologous visits this Caribbean territory.


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