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May 25th

Traveling Caribbean Film exhibition now in Santa Lucia

A traveling exhibition of Caribbean films sponsored by Cuba will be attracting the attention of the media and cinema lovers on the Caribbean island of Santa Lucia until Friday May 25. Read More

Cuba cooperates with several countries in energy sector

Cuba's Ecosol Solar division is currently implementing several renewable energy projects in other countries. Read More

Yumari Gonzalez: first female World Champ in Sancti Spiritus

"I am going to ride faster than ever, I am going for something big in the World Championship". It was a challenging statement by Cuban pedalist Yumari Gonzalez only two days after she won one gold and two silver medals in the Central American and Caribbean Games in Colombia. Read More

Teaching multimedia on Cancer in Sancti Spiritus

A new teaching multimedia on cancer has been worked out by a team of professionals from different fields in the Cuban central province of Sancti Spiritus, with plenty of information on the disease. Read More

Health technicians trained throughout Cuba

The universalization of teaching in the country's 169 municipalities has allowed for over 73,000 young people to currently be training as medical technicians, authorities from the Health Ministry reported. Read More

Zero mortality in diabetic children in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

The promotion of healthy live styles along with the proper education to child patients and their families have made it possible to lower the death rate on account of diabetes to 0 percent in pediatric ages. Read More

New measures to boost energy education

The education of the Cuban population in the use of energy sources was the core of presentation Wednesday at the 5th International Encounter on Renewable Energy, Saving and Energy Education, underway in Havana. Read More

Obbatala, the king of Orishas.

<span style="font-family: &quot;Bookman Old Style&quot;">Obbatala is the Orisha of highest level, because he was the first to descend to the earth materializing Olofi, therefore he gave life to others.<span> </span>The etymology of his name is "king of all saints".<span> </span>His main mandate is the good for all and he mediates among the Orishas since his word is law and he is respected as such.<span> </span>He represents all that is true, wise and fair.</span> Read More

May 24th

International meeting on necessary song opens in Havana

After 40 years of the 1st International Protest Song Meeting, sponsored by Casa de las Americas, this cultural institution will celebrate the 1st International Meeting on the Necessary Song. Read More

On top Cubas highest mountain

The prestigious Cuban sculptor Jilma Madera made the bust of José Martí, the National Hero. Its placed on the Pico Real del Turquino - the countrys highest peak at 1974 meters above the sea level - on May 21, 1953. Read More