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Héctor Quintero's theatre troupe is announcing the play 3 en 1 at Adolfo Llauradó theatre hall throughout the present month.

Notable actresses Natasha Díaz and Paula Alí play Aquello está buenísimo and Una mujer sola respectively. Actor Mario Aguirre stages Antes de mí: el Sahara thus completing these three monologues in only one piece.

Natasha Díaz, in the first play, deserves most credits. The text is both exhilarating and heart-rending. In the supporting roles theres a mime and a dancer as well as the functional sound track and the lighting producer Carlos Repilado.

Mario Aguirre, in the role of an art teacher giving a workshop on drama, took advantage of the Cuban leading figures in the public; Abelardo Estorino, Adria Santana, José Milián and Mónica Guffanti, and created a humorous improvisation that instantly gained a standing ovation.

As for Paula Alí - superb as usual - staged the same character that another onstage big name, Luisa Mª Jiménez, had recently performed in Estoy divinamente así, a version of Una mujer sola by Darío Fo. Paula, featuring the last of these stories, can convey varied shades in playing as a neurotic woman. Its a three-hour long episode that successfully keeps attendants tied to the chairs that were empty for some time.

Source: CubaSi

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