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May 29th

Cultural development in rural Santiago de Cuba

The revolutionary government of Cuba never forgot the Sierra Maestra mountains. For the last five years the massif that surrounds the island's southeast has been witness to the arrival of new technology that enables inhabitants to keep in touch with the rest of the world. Read More

Priority to education for rural areas

Based on the principle of equal opportunities for all citizens, Cuba is giving priority to the educational system in the mountains, a Government official said on Monday. Rosa Alvarez, Ministry head of Planning and Statistics, told Prensa Latina that all programs underway in the sector benefit students in remote areas, as part of the Turquino Plan that is applied in 10 provinces and 55 municipalities. Read More

The Chinese doctor did really existed

He lived at the end of the 19th Century in Cuba. He was one of the many fearless people from the Oriental land that immigrated to this island in pursuit of fortune. His name was Cham Bom Biam. He began his medicine studies in his native country until he decided to venture in a contract to make agricultural work in Coliseo at Matanzas province. Read More

Water levels go down in Camagüey, but civil defense still on alert

Even when the water levels of the rivers that overflowed Friday the city of Camaguey go down, the measures of evacuation and protection dictated by the Provincial Civil Defense still stand, because of two reasons the saturation of the soil and the prevalence of rains. Read More

Cubans progress confronting HIV

UN-AIDS (Joint United Nations Program on HIV AIDS) coordinator for Jamaica, Bahamas and Cuba, Miriam Maluwa, expressed the complete satisfaction of that organ with the projects of this nation to confront the pandemic. Read More

Granma yacht story screened in Rome, Italy

A special presentation of the documentary "Cuba Libre" by director Omelio Borroto (Mundo Latino), took place at the Biblis Cultural Center in Rome, Italy. The film narrates the 1956 voyage of the Granma yacht that brought a handful of young men from Mexico to Cuba to begin the Cuban revolution. Read More

Film Music in Cubadisco 2007

One of the most awaited concerts of Cubadisco 2007 took place on the event when the Cubadisco Orchestra played a concert devoted to movie soundtracks. Roberto Valera, the orchestras conductor, said that the idea for the concert came from Ciro Benemelis, president of Cubadiscos Organizing Committee, after the committee decided to dedicate this years event to movie soundtracks. Read More

Nursing Congress in Cuba

With the theme "Humanizing the art of caring for people," the 7th Congress on Nursing "Enfermeria 2007" opens in this capital Monday, aimed at showing the social nature of this profession. Read More

Cuban women take Pan-American Judo Crown

The Cuban womens team won the Pan-American Judo Championships held in Montreal, Canada by defeating Brazil. The Cuban team, lead by Coach Ronaldo Veitia, easily beat the Brazilians in three consecutive matches. Read More

Cuba and Venezuela work together to open Cuban Oil Refinery

"We are very pleased with the joint effort between Cuba and my country [Venezuela] to finish building the oil refinery [in Cienfuegos]. We believe its opening in December will be a hard blow to the blockade," said Venezuelan Ambassador to Cuba Ali Rodriquez Araque, after a visit to the refinery. Read More