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May 30th

Cuba to host international forum on Nature Tourism

The city of Baracoa, in Cuba's easternmost province, Guantánamo, will host the 6th Meeting on Nature Tourism (TURNAT 2007). Tour operators, travel agents and specialized organizations will exchange experiences on that major tourist modality. Read More

History of the Cuban aviation

At the beginning, there were some first failed attempts. However, on January 2, 1912 this country would have its first aviator Agustín Parlá Orduña who after some months later could be called pilot when he was graduated in the Curtis School in Miami, Florida. Then, the following pilot was Domingo Rosillo del Toro, who was graduated in Paris, in October of that same year. Read More

Silvio Rodríguez acting as a jury member

Cuban singer songwriter Silvio Rodríguez will be part of the Troubadour Contests jury paying homage to the Mexican painters Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) and Diego Rivera (1886-1957) as it was announced. Read More

Cuba to give sports aid to Indonesia

Indonesia and Cuba signed a three-year sports agreement for the Island to assist in the development of several sports in the Southeast Asian country. Indonesian Assistant Youth and Sports Minister Hari Setiono noted that both countries will strengthen cooperation in physical education, event organization and joint training, as well as exchanging information. Read More

Hurricane names removed from 2007 list

Katrina, one of the most devastating hurricanes in history, was removed from the list of names annually assigned to the Northern Atlantic hurricane season. An international hurricane committee of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) "sanctioned" hurricanes Katrina, Dennis, Rita, Stan and Wilma, because they cost a number of deaths and damage after their destructive passing through the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico, Central America and the southeastern coasts of the United States. Read More

Cuban underwater archeology attracts experts

Museologists from 12 countries noted the high value of Cuba's underwater archeology, due to its unprecedented capacity to preserve the submerged cultural and patrimonial wealth. Cuban expert Alessandro Lopez gave a lecture on underwater archeology at the Fourth Ibero-American Meeting of Museums and Historic Centers, which opened on Tuesday in Havana and is being attended by 167 specialists from the region. Read More

Continental writers at Havana International Poetry Festival

Some 200 poets from all five continents planted a tree to honor poetry as prelude of Havana International Poetry Festival Monday, celebrated annually at Havana city. The literary festival, to happen until June 2 dedicated to Africa and the Caribbean Islands, will be formally inaugurated Tuesday during the signing of twining agreements with other similar events in the world Read More

May 29th

From 100 pounds up

Cuban boxer Guillermo Rigondeaux (54kg) has won 357 fights and lost only 5. Read More

Cuba-U.S. negotiations continue in Havana

Representatives from around 100 U.S. companies were continuing negotiations begun here yesterday with Cubas food import company ALIMPORT, with the expectation that contracts will be signed for more than $100 million. Read More

China and Cuba coincide in attention for older adults

The concurrence of actions taken to provide attention for older adults was evidenced during a meeting between Carlos Lage, vice president of the Cuban Council of State, and Li Xueju, Chinese minister of civil affairs. Read More