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February 24th

Oil could be Cuba's future

One day soon - possibly before the end of this year - an oil rig will maneuver into position in waters less than 100 miles from the coast of Florida. A drill will plunge into the inky sea and begin chewing its way into the ocean floor, hunting for oil. But the drilling rig won't belong to an American company, and any petroleum it discovers won't do a thing to curb the USA's addiction to foreign oil. Instead, any new sub-sea gusher will belong to Cuba. Read More

Russian Soldiers Honored by Cuba Army

Russian Ambassador to Havana Andrei V. Demetriev expressed gratitude to the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR) for the homage paid in Havana Friday on the Day of Homeland Defenders, on its 89th anniversary. Read More

Cuba deserves respect, says british historian

British historian Asa Briggs said Thursday that Cubas nearly half a century resistance to US hostility is a major and admirable political act that deserves humankinds respect. "It is admirable that it has been able to confront the United States," Briggs told reporters during a brief visit to Cuba, where he arrived on a cruise ship. Read More

2 men from Fort Lauderdale, Miami charged with violating travel laws to Cuba

The U.S. Attorney's Office on Thursday charged two men with obtaining fraudulent licenses for religious travel to Cuba by making up churches. Victor Vazquez and David Margolis obtained the licenses under false pretenses and provided them to travel agencies, according to court records. The agencies sold the authorization to travel under the licenses for $250 a piece to more than 4,500 customers who could not have gone to Cuba legally, the affidavit stated. Read More

Sherritt sees growth in Cuba

Sherritt International Corp. said Friday it expects growth to come this year through expansion of its power and metals mining projects in Cuba as well as coal projects in Canada, after doubling its full year earnings. The diversified energy company said metals expansion at its Moa nickel mine in Cuba will lead to a 12 per cent increase in the project's mixed sulphide capacity in 2008, with further expansions planned. Read More

February 23rd

Cuba to open Museum of miniatures

Cuba will open a museum of miniatures as part of the first hemispheric Festival of Miniatures in May. The fair will be held in San Juan de los Remedios and Caibarien municipalities, both in Villa Clara Province, Granma International on-line edition informed. Read More

Jose Marti World Council in Spain

The Jose Marti Solidarity Project World Council, made up of academics from several countries, is due to analyze in Zaragoza this weekend the labor of international promotion of Marti thinking. Read More

More cuban blind to attend universities

The Cuban educational system, based on equity and social justice, announced on Thursday it expects to increase matriculation of blind students in the island s universities. Thanks to opportunities created by the government, about 300 visually impaired Cubans are now studying in higher education. Read More

Cuban supported for baseball Leadership

The Cuban candidature to preside over the International Baseball Federation (IBAF) is supported by the 21 strongest countries in this sport at the world level, revealed Reynaldo Gonzalez, member of the International Olympic Committee Thursday. Read More

Uruguay to implement Cuban Literacy Program

The Cuban Literacy program known as «Yo sí puedo» (Yes, I Can) will be implemented in Uruguay next month. According to Nicaragua's Internet Webpages the initiative, to begin implementation as of March 12, is aimed at teaching 10,000 Uruguayans how to read and write before the year's end. Read More