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February 10th

Gender barrier broken in Cuba

Ex-teacher appointed as bishop in developing world by Episcopal Church looks ahead to challenge Read More

Cuban scientists obtain recombining enzyme

Obtaining in Cuba a recombining enzyme to diagnose infectious diseases in humans, animals, and vegetables is a new achievement by the Cuban scientists. The novel attainment, called Amplicen, was conceived by genetics engineers of the National Agricultural Health Center (CENSA). Read More

University of Havana recognizes top research work

During the ceremony it was noted that of the 47 works recognized, 11 deserved of the «special category Read More

Cuban youth wins painting International Award

A drawing by Lianne Perez is exhibited in an art gallery in Japan, along with other award-wining paintings "four of them also Cuban" in an event sponsored by UNICEF Read More

Spring party in China Town

The China Town in Havana adds itself this month to the Spring Party or Lunar New Year, the most important traditional celebration in continental China as well as in the communities all over the world. As part of the celebration at homes, commercial establishments and societies there will be activities that begin fifteen days before the party and will last for fifteen days more, after the coming of the year. Read More

Computer Science Conference to kick off monday in Havana

The 650 delegates from 58 countries and the more than a thousand Cuban delegates, registered in the International Computer Science Convention and Exhibition to kick off in Havana on Monday, February 12. Read More

Sonlar: "The dignity of a Solar"

Two years ago, we attended the premiere of "Sonlar", a mixture of dancing and percussion, performed by Rene de Cardenas dancing company, that depicts the daily life at a "solar" - a typical Cuban old mansion, split into rooms, having individual households and inhabited by many people-. By then, we were quite sure that this play would succeed and endure. Today, our certainty has become a reality: the company has played one hundred performances in Cuba and several European nations. Read More

Argentine guitarist Juan Falu to perform in Cuba

The last name Falu is a landmark in Argentine guitar music. Eduardo, the patriarch, put music to the poetry of Jorge Luis Borges and Jose Hernandez, the author of Martin Fierro. Read More

February 8th

Former India all-rounder Robin Singh to coach in Cuba

Former India One-day all rounder Robin Singh will form a coaching team to train players in baseball-mad Cuba where the sport is enjoying a revival. Singh, who was born in Trinidad and represented India from 1989 to 2001, told reporters, baseball was a good grounding for cricket. Read More

Cuba and Argentina sign UN Convention

Cuba and Argentina became part on Tuesday of the 58 countries that signed the UN Convention against people of forced disappearance, in a ceremony held in the Quai d Orsay palace of this capital. Read More