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Journalist reports of Pablo de la Torriente Brau, Nicolás Guillén and Alejo Carpentier could enrich the exhibition Correspondents at the Spanish Civil War presented at the Cervantes Institute of Russia affirmed the organizers.

We hope we can find the publications, in which these personalities published during the conflict to include them in the exhibition, indicated Alfonso Guerra former Spanish vice-president.

They were, together with other great writers and intellectuals of the world, as correspondents in those difficult moments of our country, said the also president of the Pablo Iglesias Foundation.

Organized by the Pablo Iglesias Foundation and the Cervantes, the exhibition will be opened here to the public until the 15th of January 2008.

During the exhibition of the 16 panels, in which there are original newspapers with reports delivered by world famous personalities, such as Ernest Hemingway, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Jay Allen e Ilya Ehremburg, Guerra offered exclusive statement to Prensa Latina.

There are also biographical sketch and photos of relevant authors, such as John dos Pasos, Langston Hughes, Herbert L. Mathews and the Cuban poet Nicolás Guillén.

The President of the Foundation considers that to tell what was happening in Spain became a demand for the world press, which sent as correspondents main figures of the journalism, literature and intellectuality.

Some of them, touched by the aggression of the international fascism against the Spanish people, changed the pen for the rifle and joined the republican lines. That was the case of Pablo de la Torriente Brau, who died on combat in Majadahonda in December 1936, remembered Guerra.

This exhibition allows the younger generations to meet again the historic memory of our country that was tragic in the 30s, but it is necessary to know, finished the former Spanish vice-president.


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