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The Cuban President Fidel Castro was nominated Sunday as candidate for the parliamentary elections next January 20th.

The chief of the Cuban Revolution resulted nominated by Municipal Assembly of Santiago de Cuba, some 870 kilometers from Havana, which approved his candidacy unanimously and by showing their hands. The voting ended with the cry Long Live Fidel!

The existing 169 Peoples Power Municipal Assemblies (AMPP) in Cuba nominated Sunday the candidates to the Provincial Assemblies (Governments) and 614 for future deputies of the unicameral Parliament.

The AMPP took into considerations the suggestions done by the Candidacy Commissions at all levels, bodies made up representatives of mass and student organizations.

The candidacies for the Provincial and National Assemblies have been selected among 55 000 pre-candidates chosen at the grass-root level, including more than 36 300 citizens proposed in their own neighbours.

The current provincial delegates and deputies are now added to the list of candidates. This selection has demanded lot of efforts and meetings with people in the places where they work and live.

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