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  • 12 / 03 / 2007

The Children Theatre group La Colmenita is developing an intense program of presentations in the eastern of Cuba, especially in zones seriously affected by the recent rains.

From the 26th of November they will be performing in Mabay, Bayamo and later on they will move towards Holguin were they will offer a special function at the Paediatric Hospital of the eastern Cuban province. They will also l visit Quemado (Frank Pais municipality), Felton (Mayari municipality) and Biran (Cueto municipality).

Later on they will play in Monte Frío (Urbano Noris municipality) and the Rafael Freire Exploration Center in Holguin. The tour will end in Banes (Chorro de Maitia).

The current tour in the eastern Cuba, started last 24th in the Bartolomé Maso municipality and they have presented themselves at Caney de las Mercedes, in Bueycito (Buey Arriba municipality), in Guisa (Corralillo and Ortega), as well as in several towns of Cauto such as Cayama and Guamo.

The company decided to play their version of Meñique and, according to the director, Carlos - Alberto Cremata, Tim, - the current tour represents a compromise with the children of those places - who, unfortunately, have had to face the adversities of the weather. - For us, he assured, it is our duty to take the happiness for them, because, as Marti said: there is nothing more important than a child.


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