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Laennec Hurbon
Haitian author Laennec Hurbon was given a special award by Cubas Fernando Ortiz Foundation for his research into Haitian ethnography, functions of the Haitian state and his countrys policies.

The award "the Adya de Obbatala, the foundations highest recognition" was presented to Cuban author and foundation president Miguel Barnet, in a ceremony held at the San Francisco de Asis Convent in Havana.

The award recognizes individuals and institutions for their research on cultural processes and social sciences on the American continent that contribute to self identity on the path towards political and cultural liberation.

Dr. Digna Castaneda, head of Caribbean Studies at the University of Havana, said Hurbon has specialized in the study of theological, anthropological and sociological sciences.

In accepting the award, the Haitian author called for strengthening of relations between Haiti and Cuba and said one of his main objectives has been to discover the importance of the Catholic Churchs persecution of the Voodoo religion.

The Mysteries of Voodoo, The Slave Revolt in Saint Dominigue and A Culture of Dictatorship in Haiti, are among his long list of books.

Jevana Ben Maseko, Zimbabwes ambassador to Havana, was among several African ambassadors present at the ceremony honoring the Haitian researcher. Maseko noted the importance of safeguarding the history of his continent and said that Africans "should never forget the problems they endured as a people in past centuries."

Maseko stressed the need to research topics like colonialism and globalization that "appear to have been left on the sidelines of debates about Africa. It is worthwhile to ask if globalization is something new or if it is simple the word that is new."

The Zimbabwe diplomat called on those present to "imitate Commander Fidel Castro, so that when we begin to struggle we think about survival so that we can fight the enemy until the final victory."

Source: Granma

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