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May Theater Season Goes for Diversity

Cuban Theater lovers are anxiously awaiting the new biennial season of Latin American and Caribbean theater to take place throughout the island from May 7th through the 16th. Read More

Cuba Ships First Export of Leucocytes Markers

The Laboratory of Antibody and Experimental Biomodels (Labex) in Santiago de Cuba shipped its first export of leucocytes marker, used to diagnosis several malignant diseases. Read More

Concert by Chucho Valdés in tribute to Chopin

The Cuban pianist Chucho Valdés, will offer a concert next May four in the Amadeo Roldán Auditorium Theater, in the Cuban capital, dedicated to the bicentennial of the birthday of the composer Federico Chopin, AIN informed. Read More

Mobile phones said to boost Cuba’s tourism sector

HAVANA, Cuba – Cuba, which is predicting it will have at least two million mobile phone lines available by 2015, says the tourism industry has benefited tremendously since the expansion of the cellular telephone network a few years ago. Read More

Golf Back in Cuba

According to The Associated Press, Britain's Esencia Hotels and Resorts CEO Andrew Macdonald had investors looking at a stretch of land where he plans to raise $300 million to build the Carbonera Country Club and a hotel/villa/apartment development. Read More

Cuban Workers’ Confederation Calls for Large Participation in May Day Celebrations

HAVANA, Cuba, (acn) The Cuban Workers’ Confederation (CTC) issued a call urging the Cuban people to participate in the national May Day celebrations in response to an ongoing anti-Cuba media campaign by the United States and its European allies. Read More

Cuba: Fidel Castro Votes in Partial Elections

HAVANA, Cuba, Cuban leader Fidel Castro exercised his right to vote in the current elections at 10.10 AM this Sunday in Havana. Read More

Cubans hold municipal elections; belie criticism

Almost all of Cuba's 8.4 million eligible voters were expected to turn out for the vote — which will choose 15,000 people to fill seats in 169 municipal assemblies. Read More

President Raúl Castro : The Revolution will not be destroyed

Excerpts from speech delivered by Raúl Castro in Caracas on Monday, during the ceremony marking the 200th anniversary of Venezuela's independence from Spain. Read More

Hundreds bid Cuban cigar legend Robaina farewell

SAN LUIS, Cuba — Hundreds of friends and relatives bid farewell to the godfather of Cuban tobacco, who was buried Sunday in a casket adorned with a half-smoked cigar bearing his name and a yellow tobacco flower. Read More

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