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La Colmenita Renders Tribute to "Two Juanes"

With "Elpidio Valdes and Los Van Van", the show that La Colmenita premiered at Karl Marx Theater, the children's company "kills several birds with one stone". Read More

Cuban Construction Export Company Expands its Services

The Commercial Siboney exporting company, from the Cuban Ministry of Construction, is participating at the Construction International Fair FECONS 2010, underway in this city, showing increased sale reports and offers. Read More

Cuba wants churches' help in stopping corruption

Cuba's Communist Party is asking the island's churches and religious associations to help it stamp out the small-time corruption, petty theft and apathy that plague daily life, state media reported Friday. Read More

Cuban Rum Factory Uses Biogas for Its Production

The Rum Mulata factory in central Villa Clara province saves two tonnes of diesel daily by replacing them with seven cubic meters of biogas in an effort to reduce pollution and save hard currency. Read More

Cuban Forest Rangers Avoiding Damages

Cuban forest rangers are currently getting ready to prevent fires or mitigate damages, when most of those phenomena occur in April.<br /> Read More

Changes in the education system benefit economy

Now that almost 7 000 teenagers are not longer boarding full-time students but day students, the Cuban province of Camagüey saved more than 3,5 million pesos in transportation last year. Read More

Amorosa Guajira, a special party in the countryside

Behind scenes, a group of girls got ready to fraternally compete in the contest “Amorosa Guajira”, a social gathering in the countryside that the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) announces every year. Read More

Measures Taken to Minimize Drought Effects

Ciego de Ávila takes measures to minimize the socioeconomic damages caused by drought, a phenomenon becoming noticeably and even worst through the last years in Cuba. Read More

Siboney Sugar mill the first to accomplish sugar harvest plan

Triumph whistles and joyful music beats characterized the spontaneous celebration of the workers to celebrate the achievement: Siboney sugar mill became the first one of its kind to complete the sugar production plan in the whole country. Read More

More Protected Areas in Cuba

About 253 protected areas are identified in Cuba, from which 105 are effectively managed to guarantee the conservation of nature and cultural resources. Read More

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