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Intense Draught affecting several territories in Cuba

During the last 15 months wide areas of the Cuban archipelago have registered notable deficits in accumulated rainfall, reaching an extreme in certain places.<br /> Read More

Experts Suggest to Expand Solar Energy Use

Cuban and foreign experts proposed to spread the experiences of the so called territorial solarization project that tries to use the solar energy sustainably.<br /> Read More

Iguanas in the Caribbean

Iguanas are prehistoric animals. Once you see one you know they are a very ancient species. Read More

Cuban Forest Rangers Avoiding Damages

Cuban forest rangers are currently getting ready to prevent fires or mitigate damages, when most of those phenomena occur in April.<br /> Read More

Measures Taken to Minimize Drought Effects

Ciego de Ávila takes measures to minimize the socioeconomic damages caused by drought, a phenomenon becoming noticeably and even worst through the last years in Cuba. Read More

More Protected Areas in Cuba

About 253 protected areas are identified in Cuba, from which 105 are effectively managed to guarantee the conservation of nature and cultural resources. Read More

Cuba Boosts Policy against Desertification

Studies indicate that, one centimeter thick of soil may need between fifty, a thousand and two thousand years to form, depending on the geographic location. <br /> Read More

Project Moa-Arriba in Defense of Water Development

Project Moa-Arriba on Defense of Water, was successfully developed in the metallurgical mining town,on behave of  the World Water Day, celebrated this year under the motto: Clean Water for a Healthy World. Read More

Cuba's Fishing Book, Tradition and Tourism

An emblematic book for Cuban tourism is the volume Cuban Sport Fishing, History and Tradition, by Ismael Leon, whose recent appearance confirms the strength of sport and recreation. Read More

Royal palms increase in Camaguey

About fifty three thousand Royal Palm postures were planted in 2009 in Camagüey Province as part of a program to recover Royal Palm forests.<br /> Read More

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