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During the last 15 months wide areas of the Cuban archipelago have registered notable deficits in accumulated rainfall, reaching an extreme in certain places.

Thus the National General Staff of the Civil Defense has issued the following Informative Note:

The current drought that is affecting the country began in November 2008 and notably intensified in 2009, classified as fourth in terms of least rainfall in the last 109 years.

This phenomenon continued in the first quarter of this year, which has provoked a considerable reduction in reservoir volumes and is having negative repercussions on the availability of subterranean water, affecting supplies to more than 500,000 people.

This situation demands that the population and economic enterprises should reinforce controls over the use of water, supervising its rational and optimal use, as well as the implementation of local solutions to mitigate its effects.

The authorities are adopting pertinent measures to guarantee water supplies to the affected populations and enterprises and the impact of the deficit on supply sources and it possible reach is being monitored.

National General Staff of the Civil Defense

Source: Granma Daily

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