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China to amend law to reduce energy consumption

Under heavy pressure to cut energy consumption, China is now turning the spotlight on to construction projects, the transportation sector and government buildings. Read More

New Website About Saving the Environment through Low Energy Solar Kiln Drying

Enviro-Forest Solutions Ltd announces launch of its new website to provide information to people that are interested in environmentally friendly timber processes for delivering sustainable, technically superior and innovative timber products. Read More

Succesful results in experimental cuban wind farm

Cuba's experimental wind farm located in the special municipality of Isle of Youth has saved the island's economy more than $71,000 dollars over the last four months. According to the head of the project, Evaristo Morales Avila, the windmills produced 643.84 MW/h by the end of May, which represent a saving of some 154.5 tons of fuel oil. Read More

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