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US Secretary of State John Kerry inaugurates embassy in Cuba

Cuba and the United States are living a historic day today after the official opening of the Embassy of the northern country on the island by John Kerry, US Secretary of State. Read More

Chilean foreign minister to visit Cuba in September

Chilean Foreign Minister Heraldo Muñoz will visit Cuba in early September with the aim of strengthening political and economic ties between the two countries, the Chilean press announced today. Read More

Kerry: US will continue funding for democracy programs in Cuba

Secretary of State John Kerry said yesterday that in his meeting with his Cuban counterpart, Bruno Rodriguez, they will discuss a plan to achieve a "true and complete" normalization of relations between the two countries, although they will continue funding for "democracy programs.” Read More

Cuban businessman from Miami was invited to flag-raising ceremony

"See the American flag waving in Havana is a feeling as profound as that I felt in Washington " when the Cuban flag was hoisted on July 20, Hugo Cancio, one of the few Cuban invited to the ceremony, told AFP. Read More

Hundreds of journalists reopened US Embassy in Cuba

More than 500 journalists from around the world, were in the flag-raising ceremony to reopen the US embassy in Cuba, headed by Secretary of State of the northern country, John Kerry. Read More

Fidel Castro uses his birthday to remind the US 'debt' by the embargo

Fidel Castro has used his 89th birthday to remember that in the view of Havana, US "owes Cuba the equivalent damage compensation" by the embargo. Read More

US Secretary of State John Kerry is in Havana for the flag-raising ceremony to reopen embassy

US Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Havana at 9.00 this morning for the flag-raising ceremony to officially open the US embassy of the in Cuba. Read More

Castro reappears with presidents of Venezuela and Bolivia on his birthday

Fidel Castro reappeared in public on Thursday with their friends, the presidents of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, and Bolivia, Evo Morales, who traveled to the island to congratulate him on his 89th birthday. Read More

Three Marines will hoist the American flag in Cuba

On the occasion of the visit of John Kerry to Havana to hoist the flag at the US Embassy the State Department has issued a video in which it tries to explain the importance of this moment for both nations. Read More

The National Press Club asks Kerry to demand freedom of information in Cuba

The National Press Club (NPC) of the United States has asked John Kerry that press freedom and the spread of Internet access be a priority in talks with Cuba. Read More