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Fidel Castro reappeared in public on Thursday with their friends, the presidents of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, and Bolivia, Evo Morales, who traveled to the island to congratulate him on his 89th birthday. According to Bolivian Information Agency (ABI by its Spanish acronym), Castro and Maduro surprised Morales at the hotel where he is staying in Havana. Morales planned to visit Castro in his home, but the Cuban historical leader and Maduro appeared to pick him on a vehicle. "For Bolivia all the affection and admiration of the world," said Fidel Castro, according to ABI. "I come to share, to accompany our big brother, Fidel Castro, on his birthday. I admire him very much, I love him and I learned a lot from him," said Morales when he arrived in Havana on Thursday. source:

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