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Cuba lives its third warmest summer since 1951

"Last July was the third warmest in the Greater Antilles from 1951 to date, when thermometers registered average temperatures of up to 38.2 Celsius degrees mainly in the province of Santiago de Cuba. Read More

Panama seeks to expand its trade relations with Cuba

A bill has been submitted to the National Assembly by the Minister of Commerce and Industries of Panama Meliton Arrocha. According to official sources, the document aims to increase trade with the island and extend the terms of the Partial Agreement between Panama and Cuba. Read More

Evo Morales’ visit to Fidel’s Birthday is highlighted

Cuba's ambassador in Bolivia, Benigno Perez, said the Bolivian president will visit Cuba tomorrow (Thursday) to celebrate the birthday of the leader of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro, according to La razón. Read More

US delegation traveling with Kerry to Havana is announced

Nineteen US government and policy personalities will accompany Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday to the official opening ceremony of the US Embassy in Havana, according to a statement released by the Press Department of the Department of State. Read More

AP: US did not invite Cuban dissidents to embassy

The Federal Government does not plan to invite Cuban dissidents to the historic event on Friday, where Secretary of State John Kerry will raise the American flag on the new embassy in Havana, reports The Associated Press quoted US officials. Read More

Republicans: the embargo will be maintained despite embassy

Florida Republican politicians in Miami said today that the "gift" of the US Embassy in Cuba will not join the lifting of sanctions against the island since President Barack Obama lacks the votes in Congress to end the embargo. Read More

From Los Angeles to New York documentary on Carlos Varela

The poet of Havana, directed by Canadian filmmaker Ron Chapman, attempts to summarize the story of thirty years of career of Cuban singer-songwriter Carlos Varela, taking as its starting point two concerts that took place in early 2014 at the National Theatre of Havana. Read More