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June 2nd

XII Bienal has exceeded expectations, says Minister of Culture

XII Havana Biennial exceeds undoubtedly all expectations, said Julian Gonzalez Toledo, Minister of Culture of Cuba. Read More

Private cooperatives may contract up to a year, government announces

Cuba's government has adopted new measures to strengthen private cooperatives that have emerged on the island after the reforms of President Raul Castro, but it does not intend to boost the creation of these forms of non-state-management, official media reported on Monday. Read More

Times are changing

When on December 17 the presidents Barack Obama and Raul Castro announced the return of the Cuban Five, who remained imprisoned in the US for nearly 15 years, the news ceased astounding many, especially those who had lost their hope of reunion of the fighters with their beloved homeland and family. Read More

Islazul chain expands capacity for summer

Islazul hotel chain expands its lodging capacities for the summer period from the introduction of new facilities on the northern coast of the territory. Read More

Kerry´s injury would affect his trip to Cuba

John Kerry US Secretary of State suffered a bicycle accident in France on Sunday, near the Swiss border, and was hospitalized in Geneva, after breaking a leg. Read More

June 1st

Chicago Tribune editorial: Cuban lung cancer vaccine could help American patients

Biotechnology research and medical innovation have long been priorities for the Cuban government. But US researchers supported by federal subsidies could not work with them. Read More

The NY Cosmos is in Havana

At 9:40 pm on Sunday, the New York Cosmos soccer club landed at Jose Marti International Airport for a friendly match against the Cuban national team, next Tuesday. Read More

Iberia will resume today its flights to Cuba after two years

Iberia will resume today its flights to Havana (Cuba), suspended two years ago, a route that will have five weekly direct frequencies -Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sundays- from June. Read More