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June 3rd

Cuba is not ready for investment, says billionaire

After a recent trip to Cuba, the American billionaire and real estate developer Stephen Ross said on Tuesday that the country is not entirely open for business while the Castro government to be in power. Read More

Canada and Cuba increase air routes

Cuba and Canada signed on Tuesday a new agreement on air traffic to allow an "unlimited" number of airlines make flights between the two countries, which never broke relations. Read More

US lower house would prohibit funding for future embassy in Cuba

A bill released on Tuesday by the Committee on Appropriations of the House of Representatives of the United States prohibits funding to an embassy or other diplomatic offices of that country in Cuba. Read More

Obama nominates Roberta Jacobson as US Ambassador in Mexico

The veteran US diplomat Roberta Jacobson, who led last week in Washington the talks between the US and Cuba to restore diplomatic relations, was appointed as US ambassador to Mexico, a White House official said to the Los Angeles Times. Read More

June 2nd

Arkansas Chamber of Commerce organizes trip to Cuba

As an additional indicator to improve relations between the US and Cuba, fifty three Arkansans have o rganized, through the Chamber of Commerce of the state, a week-long visit to Cuba on Tuesday, said the National Public on Monday. Read More

Cuban medical brigade performs first operation of neurosurgery in Nepal

The Cuban medical brigade present in Nepal is continuing its work in that country since that nation suffered a strong earthquake on April 25 causing more than 8000 deaths. Read More

Rihanna succumbs to salsa in Cuba

In the front row, almost as an ordinary person though surrounded by a personal security staff that accompanies her, we've seen Rihanna dancing salsa in the House of Music in Havana. Read More

Iberia 's return to Cuba will boost tourism

With yesterday's announcement of the resumption of Iberia airline flights, the upward trend of tourism in the island is reinforced, which already accumulated over three million visitors per year. Read More

Cosmos' player Raul surprised by the passion for soccer in Cuba

The Spanish footballer Raul, one of the historical players of Real Madrid CF, was surprised by the passion that soccer arouses in recent years in Cuba. Read More

Pele points out the way for Cuban Soccer

The Brazilian star Pele expects Cuba to follow the footsteps of United States to develop its soccer and to be ready soon for the World Cup. Read More