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Preparatory meetings for the Pope's visit to Cuba already concluded.

Delegations of the Holy See and Cuba concluded on Wednesday afternoon the first preparatory meetings for the Pope's trip to Cuba, to be held between September 19 and 22 this year. Read More

Cuba recognizes it has no infrastructure for US tourists wave.

The head of the US Interests Section of Cuba in Washington, Jose Ramon Cabañas, gave on Tuesday May 12 a lecture entitled "Winds of Change in Havana and Washington" at New College of Florida in Sarasota, south of Tampa, to a hundred businessmen, officials, politicians and religious persons. Read More

Mobile telephony in Cuba exceeds 3 million users

Mobile telephony in Cuba exceeded three million users in April, according to data provided exclusively to Juventud Rebelde newspaper by the Telecommunications Company of Cuba. Read More

The shortage of money in Western Union offices in Cuba causes concern among users.

For several days the offices of Western Union in Cuba have problems to supply money to their users. Some are beginning to see the situation with fear. Read More

Applications for loans from the private sector in Cuba are 'very few' according banks

More than two years after the enactment of a law that allows Cuban state banks to finance self-employed persons and cooperatives, few people have applied for these loans. Read More

Minnesota Orchestra will give two concerts in Cuba

Minnesota Orchestra traveled to Cuba on Wednesday to give two historic concerts; because it is the first North American musical group which performts on the island in 15 years, reported Minnesota Public Radio. Read More

New US-Cuba meeting will take place "in coming weeks" in Washington

A new meeting between the US and Cuba with a view to restoring diplomatic relations after more than half a century of enmity , will take place "in coming weeks" in Washington, said the Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez in an exclusive interview with AFP on Wednesday. Read More

Varadero tourism grows 6% in April

The arrival of tourists to the Cuban beach resort of Varadero, the main pole of sun and beach of the island, grew 6 percent at the end of last April, reported on Wednesday the Ministry of Tourism. Read More