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Agreements signed between Cuba and Portugal .

Marcelino Medina, Deputy Foreign Minister of Cuba, will be in Lisbon on Monday and Tuesday to meet with local authorities in order to strengthen bilateral relations. As reported by the Portuguese Foreign Ministry in a statement, Medina’s visit is part of the mechanism of regular political consultations signed by the two countries in April 2014. Read More

US denies visa to head of Cuban athletics to visit Puerto Rico

The president of the Cuban Athletics Federation, Alberto Juantorena, did not receive the visa granted by the State Department of the United States and may not visit Puerto Rico next week, where he was invited to participate in the activities of the Athletics Ponce Grand Prix. Read More

Strengths and projections of cooperative sector to be exposed

Weaknesses, strengths and projections of the cooperative and agricultural sector in Cuba were exposed today in the discussion of the Central report of the 11th Congress of the National Association of Small Farmers. Read More

President of Serbia arrives on Monday to Havana

Mr. Tomislav Nikolić, President of the Republic of Serbia, will come to Cuba on Monday May 18 on an official visit, Granma newspaper reports. Read More

Gold for Cuban canoeist in Canoeing World Cup

Cuban Serguey Torres won the gold medal in the men’s C- 1 5000 meters event, on the final day of the Canoe World Cup, located in the town of Montemor-o-Velho, Portugal. Read More

Elian Gonzalez Wants to Come to the US [VIDEO]

Elian Gonzalez would like to return to the United States, he tells ABC News in an exclusive interview. Read More

Minnesota Orchestra say goodbye with tribute to Cuban music

Minnesota Symphony Orchestra said goodbye on Saturday in Havana with a concert in which it paid tribute to Cuban music, which began with the execution of the anthems of Cuba and the United States. Read More

Vice President of Angola will come to Cuba on an official visit

Manuel Domingos Vicente, vice president of Angola, will arrive in the afternoon for an official visit to Cuba. Read More

Sailboats revive the Florida Straits between Cuba and the US

After 15 years, the waters separating Cuba and the United States returned to fraternize in the event 'Havana Challenge', organized by the Yacht Club of Cuba, the Key West Yacht Club and the Key West Sailing Center. Read More