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Significant changes in Cuban Adjustment Act

Tyler Morning Telegraph publishes notes that “a congressman wants to end this relaxation implementing regulations which would prevent refugees to freely travel to Cuba until they become US citizens”. If this measure is approved, "it would be the most significant change in Cuban Adjustment Act in almost 50 years”. Read More

Upon approach of the US, other countries look towards Cuba

The rapprochement between the US and Cuba seems to be the prelude to a flurry of diplomatic efforts to normalize relations with other nations with which the island was detached. Read More

Raul returned to Cuba

President of Cuba Raul Castro returned to the capital today at night, after a tour for Algeria , Russia and Italy , which showed great hospitality towards the island. Read More

Cuba will show results of lung cancer vaccine

The final results of the efficacy confirmation study of the Cuban vaccine CIMAvax-EGF in advanced lung cancer will be presented at the 5th International Workshop on the subject next Tuesday and Wednesday in Havana. Read More

China will build a golf course in Cuba

in the closing day of the International Tourism Fair this year, Cuba signed a document of intent to build what would be only its second golf course with 18 holes. The commercial partner of Cuba in the project will be the Chinese company Beijing Enterprises Group. Read More

François Hollande: I come to Cuba with great emotion

Upon arrival at Jose Marti Airport in this capital last Sunday, French President Francois Hollande said he came to Cuba " with great emotion" Read More

"I will return to the Catholic Church if the Pope continues to speak this way", said Cuban president.

In his few hours stopover in Italy, Cuban president visited yesterday morning the Vatican Holy See and held a 55 minutes meeting with Pope Francis. This is a record time for such meetings, described as exceptional by several media. Read More

Mexican authorities report on 50 investment projects in Cuba

From 2014 to date, Mexico has listed 50 investment projects in Cuba, 19 of which are already in operation, said Foreign Minister Jose Antonio Meade. Read More