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March 4th

Presidents of Cuba and Uruguay ratified good relations

New president of Uruguay, Tabaré Vázquez, and his pair of Cuba, Raul Castro, met today in Montevideo and stressed the importance of deepening relations and cooperation between the two countries. Read More

Four Cuban dominate the World Series of Boxing

Domadores de Cuba occupies four individual leadership that increase its role in World Series of Boxing, where there is undefeated in the qualifying group A. Read More

The number of tourists visiting Cuba is raising

Cuba is facing a tsunami when American tourist who can visit the island more easily rush to meet a culture frozen in time before it disappears. Read More

Amazon could start making shipments to Cuba Inc. appears to be preparing to send packages to Cuba, less than three months after officials in Washington and Havana agreed to restore diplomatic ties. Read More

Die famous Cuban baseball player Orestes Miñoso

Cuban Orestes "Minnie" Minoso, who homered in his first at-bat when he became the first black Major League baseball player in Chicago in 1951, has died, said Sunday the Cook County medical examiner. Read More

New internet rooms were inaugurated in Santiago de Cuba

San Luis, Contramaestre, Mella, Guama and Segundo Frente are the municipalities of Santiago de Cuba who have benefited from the recent opening of new rooms for web browsing. Read More

An earthquake of 3.8 degrees was reported in Camagüey

Network Stations of the Cuban National Seismological Service reported Sunday at 3:03 am perceptible earthquake northwest of Sibanicú in the province of Camagüey, Cubasí website reported. Read More

A Mexican company will invest in Mariel

The food company Richmeat of Mexico SA de C.V. became the first international company to obtain approval of Cuba to invest in a processing plant and meat packing in special development zone created in the Bay of Mariel, reported Saturday the chancery of Mexico. Read More

Fidel Castro met with "The 5" for the first time after their arrival to Cuba

The long awaited reunion between Fidel Castro and "The Five" finally took place on Saturday February 28, revealed the retired leader in a writing signed on Sunday evening. Read More

Police abruptly stopped a concert by Los Van Van

The flagship of the Cuban Orchestra Music Juan Formell and Los Van Van offered a spectacular concert in the Salon Rosado de La Tropical. The show, identical to all offered during the national tour in 2015, but including a couple of songs from the new CD Fantasy, was going wonderfully. The concert featured guests such as Carlitos of "The Four" and the charismatic Elito Reve. Read More