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March 11th

José Iglesias continues with bad luck

Cuban Jose Iglesias continued his run of bad luck and suffered another injury in a pimple on Sunday, receiving a hard pitch during batting practice before Detroit Tigers lost 14-9 against Houston Astros. Read More

Started in Cienfuegos the International Weightlifting Tournament

For Cuban athletes started the 34th International Weightlifting Tournament Manuel Suárez Inmemorian, in Cienfuegos city, it will be a stage while a gauge of preparation towards the Pan American Games in Toronto, Canada, to be held on July 10 to 26. Read More

Wirings of the city Santiago de Cuba has been modernized

The Basic Electric Organization (OBE) in the province of Santiago de Cuba, is working on the modernization and restructuring of its services, and to complete the electrification of communities in the Turquino Plan. Read More

Cuban doctor was arrested in Brazil

A Cuban doctor, participant of the mission More Doctors, was arrested in Brasilia International Airport while trying to flight to Havana with two baby turtles, confirmed the Brazilian authorities. Read More

Cuban Vice President visits Japan

The vice president of the Council of Ministers, Ricardo Cabrisas Ruiz, arrived in Tokyo on Sunday for an official visit to Japan. Read More

Brazilian company will invest in Havana airport

The Brazilian construction company Odebrecht will invest in the expansion of the international terminal of Havana, a project valued at $ 207 million, reported a Cuban newspaper. Read More

March 6th

Cuban Gays expect changes in the Family Code

The union between same-sex couples is a reality in several countries. However in Cuba has not been achieved and it seems that will not happen soon. Homosexuals from the island protests by all legal means to make their marriages submitted. Read More

Flights between Key West and Cuba will be resumed by a travel agency in Miami

A travel agency in Miami, Mambi International Group, has announced it will resume flights between Key West and Cuba from mid of this month. Read More

Colombians Generals visiting Cuba to discuss peace in their country

Six Colombian military leaders (five generals and an admiral) arrived to Cuba on Wednesday to talk to guerrilla commanders in order to make recommendations to end the armed conflict, said a government source. Read More

Talks between Cuba and the United States progressing favorably

The head of the Cuban delegation to the negotiations with the United States to restore diplomatic relations, Josefina Vidal, said the atmosphere of dialogue is respectful and have made some progress. Read More