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March 6th

Varadero is one of the new destinations for Eurowings

Lufthansa will launch its first long-haul low cost destinations to the Caribbean, Thailand and Dubai through its subsidiary Eurowings from next October 25. Read More

Americans will help restore Cuban film tapes

The Film Archive of the University of California, Los Angeles announced the execution of an agreement with the Cinematheque of Cuba to restore some Cuban tapes as part of a restoration program of Latin American cinema. This agreement between the two organizations in the United States and Cuba was made possible by the recent normalization of relations between the two countries. Read More

Yosvani Peraza was expelled from the National Baseball Series

The baseball player Yosvani Peraza was expelled from the 54th National Baseball Series after being arrested for alleged trafficking of people, according to familiar sources. Read More

Americans rescued Cuban pharmaceutical formulas

A multidisciplinary team from the Institute of Tropical Research and Ecological exchange, Florida Keys, concluded in February the final phase of digitization of bibliographic in Ernesto Triolet Pharmaceutical Museum of Matanzas. Read More

Great performance of Yoenis Céspedes in Detroit

Yoenis Cespedes hit a grand slam in his first game with Detroit, Ian Kinsler added a three-run homer and the Tigers trounced 15-2 on Tuesday to the Baltimore Orioles at the start of the exhibition games in the majors, reports the AP. Read More

March 4th

Diana Fuentes is promoting her new album throughout the island

With a concert in the city of Cardenas, the Cuban singer Diana Fuentes began a series of concerts to promote her new album, Planet Planetarium. Read More

Iglesias returns to play with the Tigers Ditroit

For the first time in over a year, the Cuban shortstop Jose Iglesias participated in a game, although complying with expectations, I was involved in one inning of the game against a college team. Read More

American farmers investigating the Cuban market

A group of nearly 100 US agricultural entrepreneurs presented today in Cuba to probe the market possibilities and "send a message" to advocate for an end to US embargo against the island. Read More

Havana leads the National Handball Championship

With 40-26 victory over the selection of Holguin, Havana was crowned in the final of the Elite League Handball, the female version was held in the hall Alejandro Urgellés, Santiago de Cuba and brought together the top four casts from the March 24. Read More

French President will visit Havana

French President Francois Hollande will travel next May 11 to Cuba, which will be the first official visit by French head of state to Latin American country, said Tuesday the Elysee Palace, seat of the French Presidency. Read More