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  • Submitted by: Camila
  • 03 / 06 / 2015

The Interior Ministry General Pedro Justiz, who headed the operation conducted at the home of Cuban rapper and alleged fraudster to MEDICARE and credit card in Florida, Gilberto Martinez aka Gilbertman said that the youth could be released in the next 48 hrs if finally shown stickers suitcases and nylon wrap.

"Both are of absolute importance in this case, if they are not proceed with deportation, if present, will be released Gilbertico" said the official.

"We've been talking to people in the General Customs Office on this matter. Of absolute importance to communicate to each passenger's stickers and nylon that "wrapean" bags should be kept - for two years - minimum. Right now our case hanging by a nylon and some stickers ... not even a thread, "said the official.

The same did not speak about "as will be the theme of the house," he says ignore that aspect, but stressed the fact that Petronila Pérez President of CDR pledged to the Revolution and the Interior Ministry to look after the house until Gilberto Martinez returns .

"The house was built with materials purchased in the retail network. We have proof, so you will not be confiscated, but if he can not return and the absence of heirs, the would become a nursing home. "

The official also said that no weapons were found at the site except for couple of toy guns, shotgun perle and tiraflechas, and that prison would be reinforced and specifically targeted to treat your diabetes diet.

Source: Cibercuba

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