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March 6th

Powder milk could be imported from Uruguay to Cuba

The Vice President of Uruguay, Raul Sendic, said today that the leaders of this country and Cuba, Tabaré Vázquez and Raul Castro, respectively, pledged to consider installing in Uruguay a factory for production of powdered milk that would be exported to the Caribbean island. Read More

Flawless performance of Alex Rodriguez with the Yankees

Alex Rodriguez returned to the Yankees after an absence of more than 17 months and made by connecting a single to left field in his first preseason game, which his team lost 3-1 Wednesday against the Philadelphia Phillies. Read More

Verbum Publishing celebrates its 25th anniversary

Founded in Madrid in 1990, as a tribute to the magazine Verbum, created by José Lezama Lima, is the editorial outside the island that has published the largest number of works written by Cubans, with special interest in the literature of the poet who is named and the Origins group. Read More

Gilbertman could be released

The Interior Ministry General Pedro Justiz, who headed the operation conducted at the home of Cuban rapper and alleged fraudster to MEDICARE and credit card in Florida, Gilberto Martinez aka Gilbertman said that the youth could be released in the next 48 hrs if finally shown stickers suitcases and nylon wrap. Read More

US agricultural entrepreneurs visit Cuba

A group of US agricultural entrepreneurs visited a sugar mill near Havana to learn about Cuba's agricultural sector, which has in machining one of its main challenges. Read More

Cuban dancers will perform as guests in foreign companies

Leading figures from the National Ballet of Cuba (BNC) will act in different companies around the world, completing invitations that put up the prestige of the Cuban ballet school and company who runs Alicia Alonso. Read More

Humberto Hernández, National Film Award 2015

The Cuban producer Humberto Hernandez has won the National Film Award2015, the highest award given in this art form in Cuba, for lifetime achievement in the industry, reported local media on Tuesday. Read More

New round of negotiations between Cuba and the European Union begins

The European Union and Cuba will meet in Havana, for the third time, to continue the negotiation of an agreement on political dialogue and cooperation between the two parties. The meeting will be held at the Cuban Foreign Ministry. Read More

The Marathon of Hope will be held again in Cuba to remember Terry Fox

In a new opportunity to keep alive the legacy of Terry Fox, will be held on March 14th throughout Cuba XVII edition of the Marathon of Hope in honor of the young Canadian cancer victim. Read More

Silvio Rodriguez will perform in Argentina and Chile

The singer Silvio Rodriguez will return in May to Argentina and Chile, South American countries where the Cuban author has many admirers. Read More