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June 4th

Two Spanish Pilots Always Remembered in Camagüey, Cuba

Barberán and Collar still remembered in Camagüey Magnificent and reddish the sun rose at their backs. The stars that had helped Captain Mariano Barberán to trace out the route to be followed by no less heroic Lieutenant Joaquín Collar were fading away. It was the dawn of June 10th, 1933. Read More

Delegation from the Cuban Communist Party Visits South Africa headed by Rodolfo Puente Ferro

A delegation from the Cuban Communist Party Central Committee (CCPCC) headed by Rodolfo Puente Ferro arrived in South Africa welcomed by Blade Nzimande, general secretary of the Communist Party in this African nation. Read More

United Nations has evaluated Cuba as the leader in Latin America in the use of Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)

The United Nations has evaluated Cuba as the leader in Latin America in the use of Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), a method that helps assess environmental impacts of the agriculture sector, industry and services Read More

Cuban Singer Augusto Blanca Performs in Uruguay

Cuban singer songwriter Augusto Blanca was the centerof an emotional evening at the Memory Museum in Montevideo, Uruguay, where he interpreted some of his best compositions. Read More

Cuban immunization program has been saved 23000 children and it has almost eliminated 13000 cases of poliomyelitis

Cuban immunization program has saved thousands. This program has saved the lives of more than 23,000 children and has eliminated nearly 13,000 cases of poliomyelitis in the Caribbean nation from 1962 Read More

Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo Comes to Cuba at the Invitation of Cuban President Raúl Castro

Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo comes to Cuba at the invitation of Cuban President Raúl Castro and heads a delegation made up of several government officials including Paraguayan Foreign Minister Héctor Lacognata Read More

June 3rd

Cuban Show ‘Roots and Time’ Tour the Iberian Peninsula

The European tour of the Cuban National Folkloric Company has become one of the most splendid cultural presentations this season in the Iberian Peninsula.<br /> Read More

Cuba Fosters Aquiculture

Cuba is fostering the development of aquiculture, as part of a strategy to increase food production. In 2008, 2,247 tons of fish were captured, and the plan for 2010 is 40,000 tons.<br /> Read More

Choreography of Alicia Alonso Premiers in Cuba

Preciosa y el aire is the new choreography by the director of the National Ballet of Cuba, Alicia Alonso, inspired by the homonymous poem of Federico García Lorca, and especially created for La Huella de España Festival that will be held in Cuba.<br /> Read More

Havana Sorollas will be exhibited at the el Prado Museum

The pieces with which the Havana and the Madrid Museums are joining together are from the most solid and fruitful years of the author and are part of the Cuban collection that has about 30 pieces. It is one of the most important collections of this artist outside the Iberian Peninsula. Read More