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  • 06 / 30 / 2009

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An important part of this legislation is related to the rational use of human resources and work contracts, in order to palliate the effects of population aging, to encourage work in the society, as well as to give the possibility to workers to increase their income.

In addition, it establishes, with more precision, the requirements and conditions for the granting of maternity monetary benefits. It also deals with the acknowledgement of the workers’ right to receive compensation for economic and moral damages suffered, when the authority or entity revokes the disciplinary measure imposed, due to the non-observance of the essential procedures and formalities needed to impose such measure.

The Decree-Law places particular emphasis on the comprehensive regulation of the holding of more than one job by individual, through which workers are enabled, after fulfilling the duties their positions require, to have more than one job and to earn the corresponding salary.

Out of these working contracts, one will be considered as the principal, which is the one agreed upon by the worker before signing the additional contract. This will not be applied to directives and officials, health technicians and professionals, researchers, professors, teachers and auditors, except for the holding of teaching, scientific research or other positions that were approved by express decision of the authority or entity which appointed or chose them.

The Decree also gives the possibility to students in the regular
courses at the middle-high and higher education levels, of working age, to start working through contract for a certain period of time, in the part-time job modality, and to earn salaries based on their performance, without affecting their professional training, academic performance and the fulfilling of the social service once they graduate.

In all cases, the Decree-Law defines that workers holding more than one job have the legally established working and social security rights.

The ability to hire in the capital city workers from other provinces, in order to cover their labor needs both temporarily and permanently, are transferred from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security to the heads of entities, bodies of the State Central Administration and other national ones, as well as to the President of the Havana City Provincial Administration.

The Interior and Armed Forces ministries will pass the dispositions required for the application of this Decree-Law in their respective systems, according to their particularities, like the main leaders of the political, social and mass organizations will do.

This Decree-Law, besides adapting a group of labor dispositions to the current situation and eliminating prohibitions, ratifies the governmental will, along with other measures, to boost the productive forces, to enable the raise of income, as well as to contribute to make work the main source of satisfaction of the people’s material and spiritual needs, regardless of the government’s decision to continue protecting the needy.
Source: Cuban News Agency

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