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Cuba shows tests of the relationships among terrorist, contrarrevolutionaries and officials of the US administration
The Cuban government demanded the US administration takes action against diplomats of that country for involving in illegal actions inside Cuban territory.

Several e-mail messages showed the relation of dissident groups with terrorist Santiago Alvarez Fernandez-Magriñat, sentenced to prison in the United States for illegal possession of weapons who pretended to use them in violent actions against Cuba.

One of the messages proves the personal involvement of the head of the US Interests Section, Michael Parmly, in the denounced mail and money delivery addressed to the counterrevolutionaries in Cuba.

These are facts revealing the behavior of US diplomats in Havana as facilitators of contacts and delivery of money sent by Santiago Alvarez to the counterrevolution in Cuba, denounced the director of the North America Department of the Foreign Relations Ministry, Josefina Vidal.

The high official termed as serious the conduct of US representatives and demanded action be taken by Washington authorities to clear up and end such practices.

These events, she said, "reveal the condemnable connection of counterrevolutionary elements in Cuba with a terrorist from whom they receive money." "They are the same people who receive a special treatment from the US government, including the President, who sends them personal letters of recognition and talks to them through video conferences," she alerted.

The director of the Center of Historic Investigations of the State Security, Manuel Hevia, revealed e-mail messages, video images and recorded conversations to support the denounciation. Vidal affirmed those elements "show once more the illegal conduct of the US Interests Section in Havana that encourages, promotes and monitors the provocative actions and public disorder in our country." Also she added "they confirm the condition of paid mercenaries of domestic counterrevolutionaries who receive money not only from the US government but also from persons and violent groups who act against Cuba from US territory." "What has been said, she affirmed, shows how the government of the United Status joins forces with terrorist elements of Cuban origin in its effort to subvert the domestic order in Cuba." She also explained that the actions exposed give way to many questions, "which in our opinion have to be answered and profoundly investigated by the government of the US," she expressed.

"The Cuban government will continue this investigation for the illegal nature of these events and for the threat they represent for the stability and tranquility of our citizens", she pointed.

National media announced this afternoon a special TV program where more details will be provided on the situation exposed. Josefina Vidal reiterated that the US authorities are looking for a pretext to achieve the closing of the Interests Section and advanced that the facts given will be extended.

"What we expect is that the government of the United States take measures so their diplomats behave according to the international treaties and on the own agreement by which the interests sections of both countries were established and, of course, total respect to Cuban law." ef rgc fgg


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