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Whats going to Happen during the International Cubadisco Symposium?
Participants in the symposium include:

Dr. Wale Adentran/ Nigeria (Director of Cultural Affairs). University "Obafemi" Owologo, Ile-Ifé.

Dr. Manda Tchebwa/ Coste d'Ivoire (Researcher of the Gouré Island).

Zolani Mkiva "The poet of Africa" (South Africa).

Dr. Willie Anku/ Ghana (musicologist).

Nat Brew "Amandzeba"/ Ghana (musician).

John David Atukwei/ Ghana (President of the Pan-African Writers).

Atukwi Okine/ Ghana (poet).

Frederic Meitrel/ Martinique (member of the group Belenou and deputy president of the Cuba-Martinique Friendship Committee).

Edmon Mondesier/ Martinique (anthropologist and musicologist).

Tozimo Bulbul/ Brazil (filmmaker).

Angelique Mc Kay/ Bahamas (Director of the National Museum of Junkanoo).

Francisco Galindo Villoria/ Spain (General Secretary of the Author Foundation).

Luis Francisco García Molano/ Spain (General Director of the record labels Author and Mam).

Xavier Novaes Ledieu/ Spain (Producer of the Author Foundation).

Manuel Domínguez/ Spain (General Director of the record company Nube Negra).

Sigrid Wurr/ Germany (Assistant with the record company Nube Negra).

Howell Llewllyn/ England (Bilboard magazine).

What will be shown at Cubadisco?

The Cubadisco 2008 event is dedicated to Africa and its descendents. A History professor of the University of Yaundé, Cameroon, explains that "for centuries it was believed that Africa had no history, no civilization, except for some interesting customs. For a long time it was also assumed that there was no music in Africa."

Signs abound pointing to the flow of cultural ideas and goods among African cultures and between Africa and other parts of the world. The flow, which at the beginning was limited to the coasts and the rivers of Senegal, Niger, Zambezi, Nile, etc, was later extended in all directions. Even the Sahara, which at first was considered a natural obstacle, served as a link among the different regions, as fully demonstrated by the magnificent cave engravings of Tassili or Teneré.

Human history is not just limited to the Western hemisphere (Europe). Every culture is the result of multiple trends and streams of consciousness, contradictory as they may appear, and Africa is no exception.

African people have their own view of the world and mankind. They have their own set of values according to their nature. Both regarding the sacred and profane matters, all African cultures have embraced the religious, moral, social, aesthetic, economic, theoretical and technical values of the human species.

The international colloquium on Africa and its descendents will contribute to 'decolonizing Africas image. A culture could not survive, flourish and develop fully without the emergence of new pillars to sustain it in times of social changes.


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