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April 16th

Cuban musical to open NY Festival

Cuba's film "El Benny," by filmmaker Jorge Luis Sanchez, will open the eighth Havana Film Festival in New York, April 13-19, devoted this year to Cuban actor Jorge Perugorria (Fresa y Chocolate). This first work by Sanchez is about the life of one of the Island's most important musicians, Benny More. Read More

Cuban songwriter Silvio Rodriguez to offer concerts in Mexico

Cuban songwriter Silvio Rodriguez will offer several concerts in this capital, two of them at the National Auditorium and a third at the Zocalo Plaza, as the local press said here Saturday. Silvio, the author of song "Ojala", which celebrates 40 years of his artistic career in 2007, will perform at the National Auditorium on April 16 and 17 and in the Zocalo Plaza on April 22. Read More

Polio vaccination campaign underway in Cuba

Nearly half a million Cuban children will be immunized during the 46 Polio Campaign that has kicked off in Cuba and which coincides with the Vaccination Week of the Americas. Read More

April 15th

Kcho will participate at the First Biennial of Contemporary Art in the End of the World

Cuban plastic artist Alexis Leyva Machado (Kcho), whose work has an important presence at the international market of art and has been awarded by UNESCO Read More

Second edition of Casa de las Américas` Composition Prize in Havana'

The second edition of Casa de las Américas` Composition Prize in Havana' will be held from April 16 to 20. The main objective of this event, having the concurrence of about 15 symphonic works of artists from seven countries is to stimulate and promote the most recent symphonic, chamber and choral creation of the region. Read More

Cuba consolidates tourism health

Cuba counts on sanitary conditions to consolidate a tourism with peace, good health and security, it was said in the 13th Congress of the Caribbean Medical Association (AMECA) to be concluded in this capital. Read More

Cuba: President Fidel Castro "almost totally recovered"

The Cuban president Fidel Castro at his 80 years old, is "almost totally recovered" from intestinal surgery last year, his ally Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said. Read More

April 14th

More than 2,000 cigar aficionados will participate in the Cuban Partagas Cigar House anniversaries

More than 2,000 cigar aficionados from all over the world will participate in the Cuban Partagas Cigar House anniversaries next week, official spokesmen announced. Read More

Cuba reproduces foreign flowers

Cuban experts at a flower bio-factory in central Villa Clara Province said on Friday that they have reproduced heliconias on a large scale, thus guaranteeing the demand for that plant in the domestic market and reducing imports. Read More

Cuban elderly population increases

A third of the Cuban population will be over 60 years old by 2030, while more than 800 people currently are one hundred years old or more than that age, according to figures released in this capital on Saturday. Read More