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The International Championship of Pedigree Dogs (EXPOCANINA 2007) started here Thursday and will run until next Sunday with the participation of some 200 contestants.

According to Maria E. Altunaga, member of the World Canine Federation, the winners of the competition will be awarded certificates of aptitude valid before the tournaments of the Cuban and the World Canine Federation (FCI).

Altunaga praised the participation in the event of internacional referees Liliane De Ridder Onghena and Frans De Ridder, from Belgium, Ivan Sandoval and Christian Gomez, from Colombia, Pat Cruz, from the United States, and Lorenzo Roca Ferrer, from Mexico.

The FCI includes just ten categories in its contests, but will also give puppy awards. Cuba will host for the first time the International Pedigree Dog Show of America and the Caribbean in 2009, informed the organizers.

The Bichon Habanero is the only dog breed of Cuban origin resulting from the cross between the Blanquito de La Habana and the Poodle.

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