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April 21st

Cuba to carry out first double lung transplant

<p align="left">Cuba is to carry out the first double lung transplant in the last quarter of this year, announced Dr. Manuel Sarduy Paneque, Head of Bronchoscopy Department at the Pneumonology Institute. Read More

Vigil to protest the release of confessed assassin Luis Posada Carriles

<p align="left">The families of the victims of the bombing of a Cubana Airliner in 1973 and university students, began on Friday a vigil to &quot;alert the world&quot; on the danger in releasing terrorist Luis Posada Carriles in the US. Read More

April 20th

Successful cuban performance at European Taekwondo Competitions

<p align="left"><font size="2">Cuban taekwondo experts made an outstanding<span> </span>performance at recent competitions held in Hol<span>l</span>and, Germany and Belgium.</font> Read More

Cuban scientist discovers new healing properties of Vimang

<p align="left"><font size="1">Cuban Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate, Gilberto Pardo Andreu has discovered that Vimang, a drug obtained from the bark of mango trees, protects the body cells from the damage caused by iron accumulation in them.</font> Read More

Debates on lung surgery at Neumosol 2007 Congress, Cuba

<p align="left"><font size="2">Cuban achievements in lung transplanting will be debated by delegates at Neumosol 2007, a scientific event starting Wednesday in the eastern most Cuban province of Guantanamo.</font> Read More

Successful performance in Greece by Aragon Cuban Music Band

<p align="left"><font size="2">The traditional music band Aragon made the Greek people vibrate in the Ieda Odos center, in Athens, during a nearly-two-hour concert.</font> Read More

Pablo Milanes to premiere unpublished songs in Argentina

<p align="left"><font size="2">Cuban singer songwriter Pablo Milanes will sing songs from his latest album &quot;Como un campo de maiz&quot; and a number of unpublished songs during a tour of Argentina that will end on April 24 in the province of Santa Fe.</font> Read More

April 19th

Cuba to Plant 150 million trees

<p align="left">Cuba will plant 150 million trees this year, part of the world campaign &quot;Plant for the Planet&quot; Read More

New tourist options in eastern Cuba

<p align="left">Eastern Cuba has designed new options to boost the tourist industry, as part of a policy aimed at developing the fastest-growing sector in the Caribbean Island&#39;s economy. Read More

World Festival of Low-Budget Cinema screened in Cuba

<p align="left">More than 30 documentaries, 12 original scripts, 36 fiction films, six movies and 17 experimental works will compete at the international film festival.<br /> Read More