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Cuba to Plant 150 million trees

<p align="left">Cuba will plant 150 million trees this year, part of the world campaign &quot;Plant for the Planet&quot; Read More

New tourist options in eastern Cuba

<p align="left">Eastern Cuba has designed new options to boost the tourist industry, as part of a policy aimed at developing the fastest-growing sector in the Caribbean Island&#39;s economy. Read More

World Festival of Low-Budget Cinema screened in Cuba

<p align="left">More than 30 documentaries, 12 original scripts, 36 fiction films, six movies and 17 experimental works will compete at the international film festival.<br /> Read More

Pedrito Calvo celebrates 50 years of making music

<p align="left">April has a special place in the heart and soul of Pedrito Calvo. In April 1957, he sang in public for the first time on the radio program La Corte Suprema del Arte. Four years later, in the very same month, he heard Fidel Castro proclaim the socialist nature of the Cuban Revolution. Read More

Cubas Baseball Finals Kick Off in Santiago de Cuba

<p align="left">Norge Luis Vera (Santiago) and Frank Montieth (Industriales) are tonights scheduled starting pitcher. Read More