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April 26th

Ana Fidelia: cuban athletics healthy

Cuban athletics enjoy good health today, assured the twice World Champion and one of the Caribbean island's greatest sporting figures, Ana Fidelia Quirot, who visited Nicaragua invited by the Nicaraguan Olympic Committee. Read More

The retired ones in style

Cuba, with nearly 15% of its older adult population (about 1 600 000)develops assistance models destined to guarantee an acceptable life quality to those who in many ways were useful to society for a long time. Read More

Che documentary exhibited in Chile

Hombres (Men), a documentary where the Cuban troubadour Silvio Rodríguez speaks of his songs inspired by Commander Ernesto Che Guevara will be run in Concepción, 500 kilometers to the south. Read More

A Conversation with Cuban Guitarist Aldo Rodriguez

As the good teacher he is, Aldo urges students "To work hard and to work only for the music, for the good of art. Talent is important, but the will and the effort are even more important." Read More

Female Singer-songwriter Sara Gonzalez in Ecuador

Cuban Sara Gonzalez is in Quito, capital of Ecuador, to participate in the gala of the Ecuadorian singer-songwriters as a special guest and to talk to the local intellectuals and singer-songwriters. Read More

Cuba not Alone in US-WTO Challenge

Eight countries supported Cuba s demands over the US failure to comply with decisions of the World Trade Organization s (WTO) Dispute Settlement Body (DSB). Read More

Cuba: May Day against terrorism

Cuban workers are preparing for a May 1st day of marches against terrorism and in rejection of the US decision to free the international terrorist Luis Posada Carriles. Read More

Cuba protests bank's decision on service

Cuba on Wednesday protested the decision by an Austrian bank recently bought by a U.S. consortium to stop serving Cuban customers. Read More

April 25th

Amanda insisted on swimming

Amanda Estopinan of Matanzas is the one of the tiniest girls among the hundreds of Cuban athletes in Venezuela for the Second ALBA Sports Games. Read More

Italian City Dedicates Plaza to Cuban Painter

One of the downtown plazas of the Italian resort city of Albissola Marina, in the region of Liguria, will bear the name of the great Cuban painter Wilfredo Lam Read More