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October 26th

Diabetes centers Cuba health event

Diabetes mellitus is the topic attracting most attention in the Internal Medicine Congress, MEDINTERN 2006, taking place in this capital. Read More

Cuba excels with vaccine projects

Cuba disposes of great vaccine projects for the treatment of several diseases, indicated Lilia Maria Ortega Gonzalez from the Institute of Tropical Medicine Pedro Kouri (IPK), of this capital. Read More

FAO commends agriculture conservation efforts in Cuba

Roberto Arias Milla, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) representative in Cuba, spoke about some of the new agriculture initiatives being undertaken on the island. Read More

Cuba: The only country in the world with sustainable development

Cuba is the only country in the world to achieve sustainable development, said the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in its 2006 Living Planet report, recently presented in Beijing, China. Read More

Cuba is riding the crest of a tourist wave

The volleyball players on Varadero beach - young tourists from Germany, Spain and Canada, are perspiring heavily and in the best of spirits. Read More

Guatemalan VP on official visit to Cuba

Guatemala's Vice President Eduardo Stein Barillas begins an official visit to Cuba on Thursday on the invitation of Cuban government. Read More

October 25th

The San Francisco de Paula church

One of the greatest architectonical jewels of Havana, raised as it were an island of art and spirituality, located in the middle of Avenida del Puerto on the Oficios and San Ignacio streets. The San Francisco de Paula church keeps a three- centurys history. Read More

The history of medicine in Cuba

The history of medicine in Cuba does not begin as many people could believe with the arrival of Spaniards to the island. We can say, based on chroniclers of the Indies readings and works of some medical historians, that among the natives of this land there was a certain medical practice typical of their culture. Read More

Iberoamerican Colloquium of Letters, to be held in Holguín

  The Iberoamerican Colloquium of Letters, to be held this year from October 25 to 27 in Holguín Read More

A call to create in the artistic teaching a Cuban repertoire.

Abel Prieto, minister of culture, called to create "a Cuban repertoire" as a way to undertake the artistic teaching in millions of students in the country. Read More