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October 27th

Pablo Milanes to appear in second movie

The announcement of Pablo Milanes playing a role in the movie Siempre Habana, which will open tomorrow Friday in theatres across Spain, has become the hook of the advertising campaign for the Angel Pelaez film. Read More

Cuba donates Eye Center to Mexico

The Governor of Michoacan, Mexico, Lazaro Cardenas Batel, opened a new state-of-the-art ophthalmic center donated by Cuba to the local general hospital that will be able to treat thousands of patients free. Read More

Jorge Santos Díaz: paintbrush, art and city

The Cuban art has emerged fresh, colorful and tropical from the endless combination of cultures, occurred after their arrival from diverse latitudes of the planet. Read More

Origami: japanese art in Camagüey

The Origami is a Japanese manual art consisting on paper-folding. This old art was brought to the city of Camagüey and has been cultivated by children and adolescents since the year 2000. Read More

Cuban VP inaugurates new water pipeline in Cuba

Cuban Vice President Carlos Lage attended the inauguration on Wednesday of a 24 km water pipeline that will supply the 45,000 residents of Nuevitas, an industrial city in the province of Camaguey, with a safe and secure water source. Read More

Cuba for Guatemala health, energy

Cuba s expertise in preventive medicine and energy saving experiences are on the table Friday as part of official contacts with Guatemala Vice President Eduardo Stein during his second day of visiting the island Read More

Cuban parrot protected in Biosphere Reserve

The Cuban parrot, an endangered bird species, has found a safe haven in Cuba following ongoing preservation efforts by environmental and governmental institutions on the island. Read More

Cuba modernizes its Bakeries

With the opening of another new bakery in the province of Camaguey, Cuba moves full swing into the modernization of some 1,000 bakeries across the island using Chinese technology Read More

Cuba: over one thousand Social Assistants in Sancti Spiritus

Over 1 200 old or handicapped persons who live by themselves in the Cuban province of Sancti Spiritus have been benefited with the home-social assistant program Read More

Cuba safe for entrepreneurs

Cuba is a safe country for foreign companies and businesses, said Rafael García Padilla, vice-president of the Andalucía Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation. Read More