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Cuban refrigerators in Madrid

Half a hundred old refrigerators that Cuban artists turned into art samples titled "Manual de instrucciones" / Manual of instructions will be exhibited at Casa de América of Madrid Read More

Timely new edition of Fidel and Religion

Ocean Press has just published a new edition of Frei Betto's extended interview with Fidel, "Fidel and Religion", in English and Spanish. Read More

The "Yes I Can" Program: The Work of Millions

Leonela Relys Diaz does pass unnoticed, though she tries. What she has accomplished has had an impact on thousands of people from different countries Read More

Santiago Alvarez honoured in the First International Festival of Documentary Film

The Cuban Santiago Álvarez (1919-1998) continues being honoured in the First International Festival of Documentary Film Read More

Travel ban on Cuba costs US companies billions

Washington"s travel restrictions have cost US tour companies, travel agencies, airline, hotel and catering chains billions of dollars per year in lost tourism revenues Read More

Vietnam, Cuba talk biotechnology

Cuba held talks with Vietnam stressing exchange beyond agriculture, livestock and constructions to bilateral cooperation in biotechnology. Read More

Man charged in theft of plane flown to Cuba

A man has been charged for allegedly stealing a private airplane from a Florida Keys airport and flying it to Cuba with his young son as a passenger. Read More

Cuban to Euro-Solidarity Congress

<font class="normaltext4">Sergio Corrieri, president of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), traveled to Turkey on Wednesday, leading his country&#39;s delegation to the European Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba.</font> Read More

Namibian students left for Cuba

Thirty students who are part of the group of 95 Namibian students who are going to study in Cuba left to that country Tuesday. Read More