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Brazil calls up players for volleyball World Championship

The team's first match will be against Cuba on November 17 Read More

Cuba and Antigua-Barbuda to sign anti-drug trafficking accord

Cuba and Antigua & Barbuda explored ways in Havana to fight drug trafficking Read More

Cienfuegos, Cuba, more green

Vanguard visual art figures of this city, known as "La Perla del Sur," participated in the project, convened by the Advisory Council for the Development of the Environment and Monumental Sculpture. Read More

Cintio Vitier in the Kingdom of Word

One of the most important personalities of the Cuban culture, the poet, narrator and essayist Cintio Vitier, celebrates his 85th birthday Read More

Cuba donates 20 hospitals to Bolivia

The Cuban government is donating another 20, with the help of Venezuela Read More

Nano-focus in Cuba Chemistry Event

Nanotechnology, which according to experts will be present in almost all spheres of life will be analyzed in the 27th Latin American Chemistry Congress Read More

Cuba gets ready for a more efficient sugar harvest

Cuban Sugar Minister Ulises Rosales del Toro announced an increase in the number of sugar mills active for the upcoming harvest Read More

FAO Officials praises Cuba advances

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) representative in Cuba, Francisco Arias, congratulated the island for decreasing differences between the countryside and the city Read More

Set your watches

Cuba is going back to the regular schedule Read More

Santiago de Cuba celebrates "Son" Music

International Matamoroson Festival, October 18 to 22 in Santiago de Cuba Read More