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Argentinean Guitarist Amestro Victor Pellegrini Tours Cuba East to West

Argentiean Guitar Amestro Victor Pellegrini will start an east-to-west tour across Cuba this Friday in Guantanamo city with the first of 15 concerts, closing the tour at the Amadeo Roldan Theater in this capital. Read More

US president-elect Barack Obama Ratifies Promise to Close Gitmo Prison

US president-elect Barack Obama ratified its commitment Sunday of closing the jail of the US naval base of Guantánamo, southeast of Cuba, although he pointed out that it will take time. Read More

US appeals court: Detainee IDs can be secret

A federal appeals court ruled that the government can keep secret the identities of detainees who claim they've been abused at the prison camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Read More

Australia tells US it won't accept Gitmo detainees

Australia's Acting Prime Minister Julia Gillard says the United States has been told for a second time that Australia will not resettle detainees freed from the Guantanamo Bay military prison in Cuba. Read More

Australia Says It May Accept Guantánamo Bay Detainees

The Australian government might accept some detainees who are released from Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, for resettlement at the request of the United States, but only after a rigorous case-by-case assessment, an Australian newspaper reported on Saturday. Read More

Guantanamo US guard admitted to abuse

The allegations were explosive: Two guards at Guantanamo had bragged about abusing detainees and described the mistreatment as routine. The Pentagon quickly ordered an investigation, which cleared the men after they denied making the statements. Read More

Muebles Imperio Gains Ground on Cuban Market

The company Muebles Imperio, based in the eastern Cuban province of Guantánamo, has reported increased revenues so far this year. Read More

CIA secret flights taking prisoners to Guantánamo, Cuba probed in Spain

Spain's top-selling newspaper El Pais on Sundat revealed details of CIA secret flights taking prisoners to Guantanamo bay using Spain as a stop-over.<br /> Read More

In the Cuban easternmost province of Guantánamo: Cultural Event “A la guantanamera"

The &quot;A la guantanamera&quot; festivity, considered the most important cultural event in the Cuban easternmost province of Guantánamo, was inaugurated as part of celebration marking the 138th anniversary of the Villa del Guaso. Read More

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