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Over 90 percent of the total of clients of the Basic Electric Organization (OBE) of Guantanamo in the municipalities damaged by Hurricane Matthew have been reestablished that service, one of which measures the standard of living of a nation. According to data of that entity in the province, only some 7,000 of the more than 78,000 affected clients are pending a solution to their electricity problem, while Yateras and Imias are fully covered again and San Antonio del Sur and Baracoa are now 99.5 and 89.5 percent covered, respectively. The territory of Maisi shows the most discrete progress, with about three-quarters of its residents still without connection to the National Energy System (SEN) and connected to generators or mini-hydroelectric systems. Thanks to the efforts of workers, technicians and engineers that traveled to damaged territories from the entire country and that are still offering their services there, 81 of the province’s 88 circuits are already in operation, and only 74 kilometers of conductors, 263 transformers and close to one thousand posts remain to be re-established. So far 16 emergency generators -12 in Baracoa and 4 in Maisi- are still connected, with the purpose of guaranteeing the work of basic centers: hospitals, pumping stations and food processing plants. The figure of clients damaged by the hurricane in terms of electricity –in both housing and institutions- is equivalent to 45 percent of the total number of clients of the electricity company in the province, exactly 174,248. (acn)

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