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The high price of toys in Cuba continues to generate pain and impotence among Cuban parents, and this is reiterated in this report, disseminated by Diario de Cuba, which reflects the criteria of a group of Guantanamo parents who have opinions on the subject.

The toys "at the mall, very expensive and do not work", says the first of the interviewed.

"Before the toys cost 15 cents and now they cost 5 cuc", adds a father, who underlines the drama lived by those families where they have more than one child: "A toy for three children, it's not ham, what they do is fajar" , concludes.

"That they take them out in the industrial stores, not only in the TRD", affirms another young woman, who alludes to that they go out for sale, to a reasonable price, the toys that the State commercialises many times tripling in currency the average salary of a Cuban.

The Commission for Attention to Youth and Children, which addresses the issue in the National Assembly, has acknowledged that there is no defined policy on the commercialization of toys on the Island. The national production is almost nil and the few toys that are manufactured They are of poor quality.

A little more than a year ago, the opening of the toy store "La Época", on the Santa Clara boulevard, generated confusion due to the high prices of toys, which resulted in many being renamed as "The museum store" The explanation is simple, many people go, look at the toys, they even take pictures with them, but few people end up buying them.

However, the drama is repeated every so often throughout the country. A little over four months ago, the opening of another toy store was reported, in this case in Santiago de Cuba, and again with excessive prices.

In that store it was possible to find a Barbie at 30.95 CUC (773.75 CUP), babies at 65.95 CUC (1648.75 CUP) or a plane at 92.95 CUC (2323.75 CUP).

Weeks, months, years go by, and throughout the country the disappointment among Cubans grows over the price of toys on the Island. Of course, it will not be because they did not know about it, because the rains are raining on the street and in the independent media.

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