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On Saturday, a Cuban youth received at least seven stabs during a fight in Holguín and is in a critical condition at the Lucía Íñiguez Landín Surgical Clinic Hospital, CubaNet reported.

According to the information provided by the sources to the aforementioned media, the incident occurred "during the night of last Saturday in the interception of the central streets of Mártires and Luz y Caballero, in front of the fire station of the municipality head." The fight took place very close from the Beny Moré nightclub, where the discussion between the youths would have started ".

Images taken by witnesses who witnessed the events show how a fireman, with two tubes in his hands, manages to take the knife from the young attacker.

The victim, meanwhile, was taken to the hospital in the police patrol.

According to Eugenio Aldana, deputy chief prosecutor of the criminal proceedings in the municipality of Holguin where the recently murdered youth lived, "this is one of the many criminal acts that mark an increase in murders and homicides in the city."

The official said that the increase in these incidents takes place due to the increase in the carrying and illegal possession of weapons, which has led to "homicides, murders, public disorder or tumultuaries and attacks with disturbances of public order, which in turn It has had negative consequences in society. "

"The crime of carrying and illegal possession of weapons, as established in our penal code, is the carrying of any object, firearms, blades, knives, etc., with the intention of committing a crime or presuming that is committed, "said Aldana.

Recently it could be known about the murder of a 74-year-old Italian artist living in Las Tunas since 1992, whose body was dismembered and hidden in a suitcase.

Also during a street fight, a young doctor of 29 years died from the injuries caused by a beating, when they tried to assault him at dawn on Friday, January 11 in a central area of ​​the city of Guantánamo.

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