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World Food Program helps Matthew victims in Cuba

An airplane financed by the World Food Program arrived on Thursday at Santiago de Cuba's Antonio Maceo International Airport with the first international help received from this organization for the victims of Hurricane Matthew. Read More

VIDEO: The sea entered a house in Baracoa, Cuba

Stunning images of the sea entering a house in Baracoa, Cuba during Hurricane Matthew. Read More

Raul Castro assesses hurricane damage in eastern Cuba

Over 90 percent of homes were seriously affected in Guantanamo, as well as communication systems, the electric network, water supply facilities, roads and agricultural areas, particularly coffee plantations. Read More

Cuban government will help finance construction of houses for victims of Matthew

The Cuban government announced it will use its budget to cover 50 percent of the cost of the construction materials needed for the victims of hurricane Matthew to repair their houses or build new ones in case of total destruction. Read More

Hurricane Matthew keeps moving towards Cuba and Florida

The Cuban Institute of Meteorology said the provinces from Camagüey to Guantánamo must remain very attentive to the evolution and future trajectory of intense hurricane Matthew, which represents a danger to eastern Cuba. Read More

Seventh imported Zika case in Cuba

The seventh imported Zika case was diagnosed in a 36 years old Cuban collaborator, who arrived in the country from Brazil on March 22, in the city of Guantanamo. Read More

US scientists want to turn Guantanamo Bay into a research park

The US has made it clear that returning Guantanamo is not up for discussion, at least for now. But scientists have proposed a third option for the territory: turn Guantanamo Bay into a protected area for environmental research. Read More

Hillary supports Obama's plan to close Guantanamo prison

The US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton today expressed support on the president Barack Obama’s plan to close Guantanamo prison. Read More

Eastern Cuba registers 4.4 quake this midnight

The Cuban National Seismologic Network reported a 4.4 quake at 5:59AM Tuesday which was felt in the eastern cities of Santiago de Cuba, Granma and Guantanamo. Read More

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